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Welcome to the amazOOP Project

amazOOP LogoAmazOOP is a PHP script that lets you query Amazon Web Services using the Object-Oriented Programming paradigm.

It's extremely easy to install and to use. It is still in development, therefore new and improved versions are released quite frequently, but code is very well organized and documented, as a result updating your version to a new one is very easy.

To take a look at amazOOP's documentation click here or on the link in the menu on the left. To download amazOOP straight away, click here to be taken to the projects file releases at

Awesom! for Mambo

Awesom! LogoThanks to amazOOP's stability and flexibility, other project's have been able to use it as their foundation. One of these projects is Awesom!, or Amazon Web Services for Opensource Mambo, a component that lets you create lists of products to feature on your Mambo-driven site using information provided by Amazon through Amazon Web Services.

Click here if you want to go directly to to download the component, or click here if you want to learn more about it.


I'm currently a full-time student and I'm not working, so I'm always on a tight budget. You can be sure that your donations will not be spent on beer, it's much more likely that I'll use them to help me pay the bills, or to buy computer and college supplies. So click here if you wish to help.



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